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If you are between 50 and 65 and seeking to retire or have already retired and need some help with making the right decisions, you have come to the right place. Faith Full Retirement: The Woman's Guide to Finding Joy in Her Later Years is now available on Amazon. But if you would like to take a peek at what it's all about fill out the form and you will have instant access to the first 38 pages including Chapter 1 to read for FREE.

Be sure and check out the new blog where a new post will be added every Friday. We will focus on Finances, Health and Wellness, Purpose, Passion and Prayer along with using your gifts to filling your fruit basket and learning to forgive. You will be able to comment, ask questions and share posts with friends.

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A webinar based on Faith Full Retirement will be coming soon

the course will be hands on where we will dig deeper into Faith Full Retirement.

We will:

  • once and for all get your finances in order

  • create a vision board and learn why that's important. 

  • learn a proven system to get organized and get rid of stuff. 

  • Downsizing? Yes that, too.

  • Re-locating? Oh, yes.

  • And we will give you the best tips on how to forgive and talk about why it's so hard.

  • And much more

You can get started at home in your bunny slippers.

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