Retirement Advice

Retirement ADVICE

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It all started when...

my husband retires! He decides we should move south near friends we had known and visited for more than 20 years. They were golfing buddies. And me being clueless as to how strong the dream was to retire and play golf together; was I ever in for a surprise. We visited a planned community just outside Wilmington NC about an hour and a half from Myrtle Beach, the golf course mecca of the world. In two days we looked at models, bought a house and it was game on! Sold our house up north in less than a week, moved, and there we were! In an area, I swore I would never live.

Wait! What just happened here? This was not my plan. It was not our plan. It was not the plan. But he wanted that area, that house, those golf courses and he deserved it. After all, he had worked for 33 years taking care of our family and now it was his turn. And yes, I did say yes, but it was not what I had in mind and now I found myself having to adjust to giving up my city, my friends, my neighborhood, my life, and not handling it very well.

Fast forward about 10 years. I have grown so much in understanding this retirement thing. And that is what prompted me to write the book, Faith Full Retirement: The Woman's Guide to Finding Joy in Her Later Years. I wish I had taken the time to find and read books like that. Perhaps it would have saved a lot of tears and frustration and even resentment.

Honestly, it is just plain stupid to not plan for retirement. We plan our weddings, careers, vacations, lives, and then BOOM! retirement is here and whoops, no plan. Yes, you might have your finances in order but retirement is so much more than just money matters. Seriously, wouldn't you rather run out of money before you ran out of friends, family, and community?

As I began writing the book, I realized I wanted to motivate and inspire women only now in the golden years. I had, in my earlier years, always worked with women in one way or another. I have had careers in the weight loss industry, interior design, teaching, and public speaking. As a trainer/speaker for several seminar companies I spoke to and with women in business on communication, professionalism, organization, and life balance, just to mention a few areas. At times I truly felt divine guidance as I was writing. It is my greatest desire that my book, workshops, website, blog, and online courses truly become a way for women to connect with other women as together we find true joy in our golden years. It took me far too long to discover that joy. Come along with me as we continue on this joyful journey together.

I like to think retirement planning (actually all areas of life) falls into four categories. They are: Money Matters and Mindset; Passion, Purpose and Prayer; Health and Wellness; and Relationships